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U151E / U250 Spanner Socket

Mfg Retail: $139.95
Cost From Us: $131.88
You Save: $8.07
In Stock
Our Part #: T-2700AC
Manufacturer: Adapt-A-Case
Mfg Part # : T-2700AC
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Spanner Socket Tool
Toyota / Lexus Front Transmissions

** Proudly Made in the U.S.A **

This is a 1/2" Drive

Rugged Steel
Exceptional Quality
Built To Last

After many requests from professionals in the field,
Adapt-A-Case is proud to introduce their dual-purpose socket for the Toyota U140/U240 series of transmissions.

These units use a large 9-notch spanner nut to retain the drive sprocket to the output planet.
As we know, adhering to torque specs of any driveline parts is critical to the survival of its components.
Toyota engineers require this nut to be tightened to exactly 207 lbs-ft.
This is nearly impossible to attain that setting by “feel.”

As an added feature, this new socket will also remove the nut retaining the under drive planet / park gear / pinion
(also tighten to 207 lbs-ft)

Fits All the Below Automatic Models:

U150 / U150E / U-151E / U151E
/ U250 / U250E / U251 / U251E

Should also fit Everything in this family of 4 & 5 Speed Automatics

We do also stock the U340E / U341E Socket , not yet listed

Photo is of the actual part shipped upon ordering.

Our Part #  T-2700AC
We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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