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RE4FO3A Brake Band High Energy 91-99

Mfg Retail: $27.95
Cost From Us: $23.88
You Save: $4.07
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Our Part #: 83020A
Manufacturer: Off Shore Supplier
Mfg Part # : 31630-31X01
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RE4FO3A Brake Band High Energy
This is the Band of Choice for All RE4FO3A Rebuilds.

This should be replaced on every transmission rebuild without question.

This band is the same one that we sell our transmission shop customers every single day.

This fits all RE4FO3A Automatic Transmissions 1991 to 1999

Will Fit Nissan and Infiniti Models - Commonly In Sentra , Sunny , G20

Various Names This Band is Called

Brake Band
O.D Band
Overdrive Band
Flex Band

Other Information about this Item:
We have a core division where we harvest used parts for transmissions.
When we dis-assemble these transmissions this band and the drum are the two most commonly destroyed items we see.
In many instances we will see this band actually metal to metal , when some or all the lining has been displaced / stripped.
There's also  side servo upgrades available for these rebuilds also.

Technical Tip:
This should be pre-soaked in fresh ATF (automatic transmission fluid) prior to assembly.
The ideal soak time is generally a mininum of 5-10 minutes , but
some have been known to soak all there bands and clutches a few hours or even overnight.
Main focus just protection of the lining during break in on the fresh rebuild.

Photos show the actual Band that is shipped.

Our Part #  83020A
OEM Reference Part #'s:  31630-31X01

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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