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Pwm Solenoid C, D, E

Mfg Retail: $85.59
Cost From Us: $37.00
You Save: $48.59
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Our Part #: 48421N
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4F27E Transmission Pwm Solenoid
Sometimes Called Shift Solenoid C, D, E - Three Per Transmission

* When Diagnosing Individual Solenoids, Always Ohm Test All To Confirm Ones Out Of Spec *

Fits Numerous 1999-2014 Vehicle Applications
Including Focus, & Mazda Protege
+ Ford's Small Cargo Business Delivery Transport's Called The Transit-Connect

Fits ALL 4 Speeed & 5 Speed Automatic Transmissions Below
4F27E / 4-F27E / 4F27-E / FN4A-EL / 4F-27E
FNR5 / FNR-5 / FN-R5 FNR 5

Solenoids Mount On Rail Of Valve Body - Requires Pan Removal For This Repair

Detail On Vehicle Applications For These

Ford:   Transit Connect Van With 4 Cyl, Focus & Fiesta  /  2.0L & 2.3L
Mazda:   Protege, 3, 5, 6, CX7 - CX-7  /  2.0L, 2.3L, 2.5L

Fits More Than Listed Here Also, We Hope To Add More Details Soon

FOCUS 00-08 4 SP FWD L4 2.0L/2.3L 4F27E
3 04-08 4 SP FWD L4 2.0L/2.3L FN4A-EL
5 07 4 SP FWD L4 2.3L FN4A-EL
6 03-05 4 SP FWD L4 2.3L FN4A-EL
PROTEGE 99-04 4 SP FWD L4 1.6/1.8L/2.0L FN4A-EL

Covering Confusion On The Internet About Solenoid Names & Terms :

Most Of The Mazda Service Manuals Online Are Published With Wrong Info
The two smallest solenoids that are identical 100% without a doubt the shift solenoids a & b.
The Mazda manual in spots calls the a & b the larger solenoids, this is entirely false.
For clarification the Three (3) Larger Solenoids Are ALL Called Pwm Solenoids, And/Or Solenoid C, D, and E.

We Will State It Again - Always Ohm Test Your Solenoids Before You Begin Throwing Parts At It

Below Diagram Is Absolutely Accurate & What The Entire Industry Uses :

Thanks To ATSG For Use Of Their Information !

We've Encountereds The Mazda Issue With Customers Dozens Of Times.
One Great Benefit Of This Complete Repair Set Is There's No Chance Of Needing To Remove The Pan Again.
Some Of Our Past Mazda Customers Would Attest To The Hassle, And Avoiding It.

For Oem Brand New Individual Solenoids See Below

Shift A & B - Our Part # 48421AN / Oem Part # XS4Z-7H148AA
PWM Solenoids (Larger Three) - Our Part # 48421N / Oem Part# XS4Z-7G484AA
Epc / Pressure Control Solenoid - Our Part # 48431N / Oem Part # XS4Z-7G383AA
ALL Of The Above Offered In Our New 6 Pc Solenoid Kit - See Our Part # 48420KN

We Know These Units Top To Bottom & Are Here To Help Anyway We Can !

To Be Clear These Are Brand New Solenoids Removed From New Transmissions
Under the Ford contract the transmissions were destroyed but some components were salvaged.
The mounting points on these will contain mounting witness marks, but
these are entirely new Never Energized Solenoids.

Full Solenoid Kit Our Part # 48420KN
Oem Solenoid Ref #'s XS4Z7H148AA / XS4Z7G484AA / XS4Z7G383AA
Other Interchange Ref #'s 46950 / D48421A / D46950
Transmission Terms: 4F27-E / FN4A-EL / FN4-AEL / FN4AEL / 4F27 / FN-4AEL

We Would Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve Your Automatic Transmission Parts Needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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