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Biotech Engine Oil Protectant

Mfg Retail: $23.49
Cost From Us: $18.88
You Save: $4.61
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Our Part #: LG30901
Manufacturer: Lubegard
Mfg Part # : 30901
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Bio/Tech Engine Oil Protectant with LXE® Technology

Made By Lubeguard
15 Fl OZ

We Challenge You To Try One Bottle Of Bio-Tech
We're Confident You Will Order Some For Every Rig You Own & Give Them As Gifts To Friends

 LUBEGARD replaces the depleted or insufficient additives and adds LXE® wear protectors and friction reducers which are unavailable in any oil.

Minimum friction means maximum mileage; minimum wear means maximum service.
In addition, LUBEGARD increases the thermal and oxidative stability of motor oil to prevent creation of sludge and deposits.

Reduces Oil And Fuel Consumption  !

Optimizes Engine Horsepower And Performance

Protects And Extends Oil Life By 30%

Improves Fuel Economy By Reducing Friction In Your Engine

Reduces Wear On Metal Components, Thus Increasing Part Life

Improves Anti-Friction And Anti-Wear Properties Of ALL Major Oil Brands To Meet Requirements Of ALL Vehicles,
Including Older And High Performance Models

Eliminates Lifter And Other Objectionable Noise On Startup, Especially In Cold Weather

Ensures Smoother Running Engines  !

Reduces Hot Engine Oil Temperatures  !

Gives Improvement In Friction And Wear Performance Over Major Brands Of Motor Oil

Blends With ALL Motor Oils Currently Produced,
Including API ; SJ , SJ/EC , CG- 4 , CH-4 , SE , SF , SG , SI , CC , CD , CE , SL , SD , SM , CF and SN motor oils

Helps Reduce Smoking By Restoring Flexibility To Valve Stem Seals For Improved Sealing,
Also Providing Outstanding Upper Cylinder Lubricity As It Frees Up Sticking Rings

Inhibits Oxidation And Extends Engine Oil Life (see TFOUT test results below)

Also Use To Extend The life Of Small 4 Cycle Engines Such As;
Lawn Maintenance Equipment, Motorcycles, Snow Mobiles,  Certain ATV's Etc......

Sold As Pictured

Case Discounts may be available - Email Us For Details

Our Part #    LG30901
Lubegard #   30901

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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