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AODE Direct Drum Kit

Mfg Retail: $87.64
Cost From Us: $77.00
You Save: $10.64
In Stock
Our Part #: 76555DK-R
Manufacturer: CTP Assembled Package
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AODE Direct Drum Kit Reconditioned
Quality Reconditioned Drum Loaded with Steels, Pressure Plate, and Piston Kit.

Fits Most AODE Automatic Transmission Applications

This Drum is known for having Many Issues.
Some of these issues include Ring-land Grooves and Severe Spline Damage Problems.
Over time, as thrust is transfered onto the splines, they will beat out and become thin.
They will feel sharp because they are so thin, after a certain point they will become too Weak and Fail.

Secondly, in the back of the Drum there is a smooth journal surface were the sealing rings of the output shaft ride.
Over time the Sealing Rings Will Wear Away Exposing the Metal Ring-Lands.
These Metal Ring-Lands will score and severly damage the back of the drum.

Sealing Ring Witness Marks are Normal but if your finger nail Catches on the Mark then the Drum will need replaced.

This Drum is a High Quality Reconditioned part.
It Undergoes an Extensive Process that Addressed All Of The Above Issues.

This Drum Comes Loaded With Specially Finished Steels, Pressure Plate, And Piston Kit.

Are Used Hard Parts Program is one of the Best in the Industry!

Our Expert Knowledge and Attention to Detail Make Our Hard Parts One Of A Kind!

Our Part #       76555DK-R

Customer Service is our Priority , Email us any questions you may have !
We do offer combined shipping for multiple purchases to Export Customers.
We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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