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A904 / A999 Sun Shell 1993+

Mfg Retail: $77.89
Cost From Us: $66.50
You Save: $11.39
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Our Part #: 12622B
Manufacturer: Aftermarket New
Mfg Part # : 4531288
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A904 Transmission Drive Shell
Normally Called Sunshell or Sun Shell
Fits ALL Below Transmissions Models 1993 And Up

TF6 / A-904 / 904 / TF-6 / A999 / A-999 / 999 / Torq Flite 6

Upon Dis-Assembly & During rebuild
many of these shells show wear along the lugs from direct drum contact
This wear will create a clunk sound during drive engagement.
Typically 6-7 out of every 10 units rebuilt needs this shell replaced during the build.
This shell has been used by industry professionals rebuilders for years.

Second Photo Image Shows A Bad Lug Worn Out Shell
Below Video Outlines How To Inspect These Shells & How They Become Damaged

Our Part# 12622B
Mopar Reference # 4531288

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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