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A750E / A760E Valve Body Rebuild Zip Kit

Mfg Retail: $329.89
Cost From Us: $277.88
You Save: $52.01
In Stock
Our Part #: S-A750E-A761E-ZIP
Manufacturer: Sonnax
Mfg Part # : A750E-A761E-ZIP
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A750E / A760E / A761E Transmission Zip Kit
Comprehensive Valve Body Rebuild & Shift Repair Package

ALL Owners Of These Vehicles Should Install Or Have This Installed ASAP  !  !
Found In Toyota & Lexus Rear Wheel Drive Cars & Trucks (Some Volvo)


This Should Be Viewed As A Preventative Maintenance Measure For These Vehicle Owners

A Few Hundred Dollars & 6 Hours    vs    $4000 For A Complete Rebuild

Critical Specifics For The Installer

Experienced Mechanics Can Install And Perform This Repair Process With Assurance & Conviction In Their Work.
It Does Require Upper Level Mechanical Skills & Abilities.
Diy Novice Mechanics Should Seek An Automotive Industry Professional For This Install.
Package Does Include Amazing Detailed Step By Step Instructions & Support Materials.
Click Here For PDF Instruction Sheet For Preview

A Few Specific Vehicles With These Transmissions
Tundra, Tacoma, 4 Runner, Sequoia, Landcruiser +
Lexus IS250

we're actively adding more models as information becomes available to us.

These Vehicle Applications May Have Seven (7) or Nine (9) Solenoids
Present On The Valve Body

Applicable Transmissions For This Sonnax Upgrade :

A750E / A750-E / A-750-E / A-750E / A750 / A750F / A-750F / A-750F
A760E / A760-E / A-760E / A760 / A760F / A760-F / A-760F / A760H / A-760H / A760-H
A761E / A761-E / A-761E / A761
A960E / A-960E / A960-E / A960 / 960 / A960F / A960-F / A-960F
AB60E / AB60-E / AB-60E / AB60 / A-B60E / AB60F / AB60-F / AB-60F / A-B60F

Main Repair Results This Is Targeting :

Fixes The Original Factory Engineering Flaws Related To Valve Body Fluid Pressures & Converter Lock Up.
Corrects Many Solenoid Codes Related To Plug Pressure Losses.
An Immense Wide Range Of Various Issues All Corrected Within A Couple Hour Repair.

Symptoms & Possible Severe Problems :

Overheated Frictions / Burnt / Cooked / Smoked Clutch Packs
Intermittant Delayed Shift Engagement
Inadequate Lubrication / Loss Of Lube - Fluid Flow
Low Line Pressure - Possible Internal Component Damage Due To Lack Of Lube
Slips / Clutch Slide - Slip / Weak Shifts & Clutch Flares
Soft Shifts / Weak Clutch Piston Apply
TCC Apply & Release Concerns / Various Torque Converter Lock Up Issues
TCC Codes / Torque Converter OBD Check Engine Codes

Installer Information & Requirements :

Sonnax Zip Kits Install With Little To No Special Tools Required

Detailed Technical Booklet Included With In-Depth Valve Body Rebuild And Inspection Tips For Comprehensive Dependable Repair.
Instructions included in this kit contain vacuum testing information and locations at oth
er key areas of the valve body assembly.

There's No Difficult Valve Body Reaming Or Bore Casting Sizing Required

Informational Overview Video From Sonnax About Zip Kits

Specialty Component Parts Included In This Package :

Valve Body Aluminum End Plug Update 9mm
Valve Body Aluminum End Plugs (9) 11mm ( Critical Upgrade )
Valve Bore End Plugs (3) 12mm
O-Rings (2) Small, 1 Extra
End Plug Seals / O-Rings (19) Medium, 7 Extra
O-Rings (2) Large, 1 Extra
Solenoid Modulator Valve, Sleeve, Spring, And End Plug ( Full Valve Kit )
Torque Converter Clutch Lock Up Boost Valve Replacement Upgrade Kit
Case Accumulator Piston Kit
Accumulator Control Plunger Valve Kit
Sonnax Special Torlon Checkballs (20) .218" diameter
TCC Lock-Up Control Valve Assembly
Converter Clutch Lockup Control Plunger Sleeve
Installation Screw Not Shown In Photo's

Information And Comments About This From Sonnax

Sonnax Zip Kit A750E-A761E-ZIP targets the root cause of multiple complaints by
sealing the critical circuit pressure losses in Toyota/Lexus A750, A760 and A960E series valve bodies.

The kit contains uniquely designed special parts to prevent the loss of pressures
within the main line, clutch apply control and lockup control circuits.
The kit also seals multiple circuits known to suffer from end plug leakage or poor checkball sealing.

The Zip Kit quick guide provides clear and easy to follow instructions.
  Repair details are on one tech sheet with a goal to get the unit sealed up and back on the road fast.

DIY Install Comments & Preparation Suggestions From Cascade :

Have A Clean Work Area To Lay Parts Out & Take Your Time !
Fluid repairs can always be a bit messy, prepare for & expect it.
A large cardboard sheet under the vehicle often serves a few purposes.
1) Protects You Driveway, Shop Floor, Street, or Work Ground From ATF Contaminants
2) A thick grade of cardboard is normally more comfortable to lay on, but won't work well with a creeper.

At any point of struggle, frustration or confusion step away for a few moments and come back to it.

As Mentioned Includes Complete Tech Repair Booklet
In-Depth Valve Body Repair, Rebuild, And Component Inspection Tips For Reliable Vehicle Repair.

Before You Buy

Please Watch Below Short Video With Excellent Incite About This Specific Kit

Our Part #     S-A750E-A761E-ZIP
Sonnax Part # A750E-A761E-ZIP

We Would Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve Your Transmission Parts Needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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