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A727 / TF8 Front Planet 4 Pinion

Mfg Retail: $52.69
Cost From Us: $39.88
You Save: $12.81
In Stock
Our Part #: 22582CA-U
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
Mfg Part # : 2801061
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A727 / TF8 Front Planet 4 Pinion Gears
Aluminum Carrier Closely Inspected Quality Used

This fits A727 / TF8 Automatic Transmission Applications With Late Splines
This is may be called an input carrier , or input planet.

These planets are well known for many issues due to its soft aluminum housing.
 The pinion gears on this planet frequently have hard face problems.
They commonly have pitting after the hardened gear face wears away.
This is especially frequent in units that are used for heavy duty / towing applications.
Frosting on the gear faces can be an early warning sign of a soon to come failure.

Additionaly it is very common for these planets to have scoring on the lip that rides inside the front ring gear.
Visable wear is common however if your finger nail catches at all then the planet will need replacing.

We take great care in our used parts and they are all thorougly inspected.
We do not sell anything we would not put in our own vehicle.

This planet is a Stock replacement , and this is a strongly suggested upgrade for Three pinion planets.

This is the Late Spline Design , What We call "B" Type Splines
More than likely will not fit 1977 and older models - to do so may require output shaft change

Our Part #       22582CA-U
Other Part #     2801061

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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