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A500 / 42RH TCC/OD Solenoids with Harness 3 Pin 88-95

Cost From Us: $61.88
In Stock
Our Part #: 12420
Manufacturer: Oem Supplier
Mfg Part # : 4883715AA
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A500 / 42RH Internal Wire Harness Group
Built into the bracket is the Overdrive & Tcc / Lock-Up Solenoid

Tan Plug Main Case Connector Style - Three Pins
Will Only Fit 1988 to 1995 Models With 3 Pin Plug / Connector

"TCC" is an abreviation for torque converter clutch.
The Tcc Solenoid Function is to engage the torque converter lock-up which improves fuel mileage.
"RH" Is an Abreviation basically telling is you have a mechnical governor , Not Electronic

This harness includes the 3 pin internal connector that seals up through the transmission case.
This Design of harness is most commonly found in 1988 to 1992 Models.
The Transmission Styles do not have a governor pressure solenoid , or other electrical.

This Will Fit Dodge and Jeep Model Trucks

This Item Includes:
Internal Wire Harness
Overdrive Solenoid
Lock-Up Solenoid

Valve Body Removal is not required to replace the assembly.
Will Require removal of the pan, filter, and 3-4 Accumulator housing.
If working by yourself on this repair, we do then suggest it's much easier to drop the valve body.
* This is install ready and includes a new o-ring on the case plug and a new gasket on the solenoid bracket facing *

Photo Shown is the Actual Item (s) you will receive & be shipped with this purchase.
Made in the U.S.A.

Technical Note:
The A500 / 42RH was never offered in a non lock up design to our knowledge
* we do stock the bright yellow plug single solenoid harness if needed - our part # 22420 *

Our Part #  12420

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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