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68RFE TC Limit Valve Kit O.S.

Mfg Retail: $88.99
Cost From Us: $77.88
You Save: $11.11
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Our Part #: S-44912-03K
Manufacturer: Sonnax
Mfg Part # : 44912-03K
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68RFE TC Limit Valve Kit
Heavy Duty Sonnax Pump Valve Update

Oversized Limit Valve Kit - Reaming Required

Wear in the TC Limit Valve bore causes loss of converter release oil pressure.
This causes a majority of issues in the high and low RPM range.
Reduced pressure at low speed and idle will drag the converter lining, causing engine surge, pulsation, or stall.
At cruising speeds Reduced pressure causes a rise in RPM resulting in loss of fuel economy.

The Reduced Pressure contributes to the converter drainback problem.
The Sonnax Sleeve and Valve Kit Restores normal converter charge and cooler flow, addressing all the above issues.

Symtoms This May Fix

Delayed engagement
Loss of fuel economy
Loss of power
Low cooler flow
Low TCC release pressure
Overheated converter

Critical Technical Note:
This Item Does Require Sonnax Special Reamer / Tool Kit To Bore The Hole Oversized To Accept This Valve Kit.
The tooling for one repair is very very cost prohibitive ( Approx $320.00 )
We do stock them and you can add by requesting in the order notes field if you will have recurring need for these.

Also Worth Mention
This process we do in house , so customers can send their parts into us to have special machine work like this performed.

Please Feel Free To Inquire About These Services For Your Specific Item (s)

Our Part #      S-44912-03K
Sonnax Part # 44912-03K

Customer Service is our Priority , Email us any questions you may have !
We do offer combined shipping for multiple purchases to Export Customers.
We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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