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5R55W / 5R55S Overdrive Drum Wide Lug

Mfg Retail: $84.22
Cost From Us: $69.00
You Save: $15.22
In Stock
Our Part #: 46550A-R
Manufacturer: CTP Assembled Package
Mfg Part # : 9L2Z-7L669A
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5R55W / 5R55S Overdrive Drum
Quality House Remanufactured Bare Drum

Drum will fit all applications with the matching thrust plate and sun gear.

Were the lugs of the sun gear thrust plate marry into the drum should be .420" wide.
Also Drum must have casting numbers XW4P-7L669-AB on the bottom of drum.

These Drums commonly get damaged due to front band failure.
This can happen due to lack of fluid, fluid pressure loss, and a variety of other reasons.
If the band surface has burn marks or scoring the Drum will need replaced.

When it comes to our hard parts we pick the best of the best to produce a Quality product.

This Drum goes through a rigorous reconditioning process and is thoroughly inspected.
These processes and attention to detail are what make our hard parts a one of a kind Quality product.

Our Part #       46550A-R
Stamp #    XW4P-7L669-AB
Other Part #  9L2Z-7L669A

Customer Service is our Priority , Email us any questions you may have !
We do offer combined shipping for multiple purchases to Export Customers.
We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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