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4R75W PR Valve Oversized Sonnax

Mfg Retail: $27.22
Cost From Us: $23.88
You Save: $3.34
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Our Part #: S-76948-09
Manufacturer: Sonnax
Mfg Part # : 76948-09
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4R75W Main Pressure Regulator Valve ( PR )
Sonnax Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve
Requires Special Reamer Tool To Bore Oversized Hole

Pressure Regulator Valve Spool wear is Very common in these transmissions.
This is caused due to the reciprecating action of the Valve.
As the Valve Spools wear they loose their ability to hold fluid pressure.
This can cause a veriety of problems.

Some of these issues include Hard or Soft shifts, as well as burnt clutches and bands.
Additionally it can cause a wide array of drivability concerns.

Sonnax addresed these issues by engineering an Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve.
It restores the Valves normal line Pressure in all ranges.

The Sonnax Valve is made of Anodized aluminum to avoid future wear.
Additionaly the Valve has Annular Grooves to center the Valve and prevent side load.

Will Only Fit 1996 Up Applications

Symptoms This May Fix

Erratic buzz
Low line rise
Low Reverse boost
Poor shift quality
Premature band failure
Premature clutch failure
Soft shifts
Uncontrolled pressure in Reverse

Our Part #     S-76948-09
Sonnax Part # 76948-09

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