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4R100 Coast Overdrive Drum Kit 1998+

Mfg Retail: $118.95
Cost From Us: $70.00
You Save: $48.95
In Stock
Our Part #: 36559AK-R
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
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4R100 Overdrive - Coast Drum Package
Complete With Sun Gear, Steels, Piston Kit, Pressure Plate, Related Snap Ring

Fully Reconditioned - Complete Drum Package
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As this is made from only stamped steel it is susceptible to clutch witness marks on the outside,
and noticable sometimes deep wear patterns within the stamping / housing itself.
When those contact points become to deep this can cause clutch friction plates to hang up, and the trans stick in gears.
Additionally when the overdrive planet fails it typically wipes out everything in this region.
We do offer complete overdrive section packages also if needed.

Once Our Reman Process Is Completed On These It's
Extremely Close To New Original Condition.

Other Names And Terms Related To This :

Coast Drum / Freewheel
OD Drum / Overdrive / Over Drive
Inner Overdrive Sprag Race
Coast Clutch Cylinder

The Overdrive Sun Gear is a pressed fit into this drum.
We choose the leave them in, unless the drum is damaged then we offer them separately.
There's two overdrive steel plates, and one main overdrive pressure plate with snap ring.
The overdrive system is commonly referred to as coast for these models.

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Our Part #  36559AK-R

We Would Greatly Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve Your Transmission Parts Needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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