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4L80E Front Planet 4 Pinion 1999+

Mfg Retail: $122.59
Cost From Us: $89.00
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Our Part #: 34582AB-U
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
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4L80E Front Planet 4 Pinion Late 1998+
4 Pinion Gears With Tabbed Pinion Washers - Easy To Spot

Critical Identification Information

This Is What Our Industry Calls The Late Design Front Planetary
The pinion gears are .785" tall - Pre 1998 Early Pinion Gears Are Only .762" Tall

This Late style four pinion planet contains the updated bat wing tabbed style washers with the tall pinion gears.
This Planet Is a Stock Replacment For Late 1998 & Up 4L80E Automatic Transmission Applications.

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Details About Inspection

These planets are known for having a variety of issues.

The Most Common Is Wearing Out The Pinion Washer And/Or The Planet Carrier.
This Can Affect End Play As Well As Creating Vibration Within The Unit.
If Not Addressed Upon Rebuild And Given Enough Time Severe Slop Can Wipe Out The Unit.

Additionaly the thin pinion to gear washers will wear down and become too thin.
This results in excessive end play.
These planets should have between .008" and .025" of end play to be in spec.

However this planet does have the updated bat wing style washers.
These washers are thicker and have "bat wings" to limit washer movement.
This limited movment reduces premature wear and increases durability.

Transmission Shop Information

You can also ship us your planet cores for rebuild

Some Images May Be Stock Photo's
Our Part #       34582AB-U

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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