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4L80E Friction Module 1991-1995 (E)

Mfg Retail: $71.12
Cost From Us: $63.88
You Save: $7.24
In Stock
Our Part #: 34119EE
Manufacturer: Exedy
Mfg Part # : EFK155
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4L80E Friction Module - Premium Quality
Fits All 4L80E 1991 to 1995 Models

Made In the U.S.A. By Exedy

Contains Every Clutch Lined Plate/Disc in the Transmission for One Complete Rebuild

Benefits Of This Kit

If this is for your first build or you're a professional , you must try Exedy Friction Clutch Plates.
Even if you don't get them from us try them from someone ; you'll be more than pleased with the quality.

If you put this kit side by side any other friction competitor , it's truly easy to see the difference in workmanship !
You will quickly understand why Exedy is now original equipment for numerous current production models !

This product is so impressive , once a veteran rebuilder trys them once.
He then starts to ask for them by name , and prefers tod only use these plates when building.
The Exedy line is our primary friction product here at Cascade Transmission Parts.

Every Plate Is High Energy, And The Premium Quality Is Visible At First Glance !

Photo is a stock image of the later 4L80E Kit , but the actual item will be very similiar.

Our Part  # 34119EE
We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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