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4L80E Center Support 97 / 98

Mfg Retail: $161.30
Cost From Us: $117.88
You Save: $43.42
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Our Part #: 34630EB
Manufacturer: Aftermarket New
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4L80E Center Support 1997 & 1998 Style
Contains Lube Hole for Rear Case Cooler Fitting

This Design Does Not use a .041" Spacer / Shim on the Rear of it
(1999 Up Models Do use this spacer / Shim)

This Will Fit All 1997 Up 4L80E Models  - Gm Rpo Option Code MT1
"When the spacer shim is omitted and not used from your original parts."

This supportmay often be called or referrenced as the direct drum support also.

Failure Points / Where To Check Your Original
If your ring lands on this are bad ; its typical for the bore of your drum to be bad as well.
These Center Supports started to fail in the late 90's when the transmissions had very little miles on them.
The common issue has been the ring lands where the direct drum rides would always pit , and loose lube.
This at times would result in the direct drum actually becoming stuck / welded to the center support.
The second most common issue with these occured during dis-assembly.
Technicians would teardown the transmission for rebuild , and fail to remove the rear cooler fitting.
Once the problem has been realized the cooler line hole on the support is normally cracked out / damaged.

This Design has been on the market for over five year now and has been a very reliable aftermarket replacement part.

Technical Tip:
If doing Preliminary research before dis-assembly of yours pull the rear cooler line first !
Please beware when removing the retainer , and return spring from your old one as the steel is thin.
If not pressed correctly the retainer will bend , and become un-useable.
If for some reason the transmission has ever been replaced make sure if falls into this year range.

Our Part #  34630EB
Other Part # A34630EB
Other Part # 33808F
Gm Part # 24208849

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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