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4L60E / 4L65E HD Input Drum Kit 99-05 300MM

Mfg Retail: $569.95
Cost From Us: $487.88
You Save: $82.07
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Our Part #: S-77733-14K
Manufacturer: Sonnax
Mfg Part # : 77733-14K
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4L60E / 4L65E Reinforced Input Housing W/ Heavy Duty Input Shaft
Hardened 300MM Input Shaft With Reinforced Clutch Hub and Overrun Piston

This Input Shaft Is 57% Harder Than The Original OE Shaft.

Great For 300 MM 1997-2005 Applications With 13 or 15 Pin Wire Harness And No Input Speed Sensor
Will Not Fit 2006 Up 17 Pin Harness / Input Speed Sensor Vehicles Due No Reluctor On The Shaft & The Custom Billet Overrun Piston.

In The Transmission Parts Industry This Drum Has Many Names Of Which Most Listed Below :

Input Drum
Forward Drum
Input Clutch Housing
Overdrive Fwd Drum
3-4 Clutch Drum Hsg
300MM Input Drum Non Reluctor Style

Will Not Fit 2006+ Models With 17 Pin Main Connector Internal Wire Harnesses

These Drums are known for failing under Towing or High load applications.
Some of these failure points include the light duty aluminum clutch hub and soft steel input shaft.
Over time the clutch teeth that ride in the grooves of the input drum beat out and damage the soft hub.
Additionally the input shaft is commonly damaged on the journals

Sonnax has Engineered a fix for all these issues into there custom input drum.
This drums input shaft is hardened for durrability as well as having Chamfered feed holes to reduce stress.
This drum comes with a reinforcement sleeve already installed to reinforce the drums clutch hub.

Components Included In This Kit
  • Overrun Piston
  • Overrun Piston Inner Seal
  • Input Housing with 300mm Input Shaft Assembly
  • Overrun Piston Outer Seal
  • Input Drum Reinforcement Sleeve Installed

More Details From Sonnax :

Sonnax reinforced OE input housing and heavy-duty input shaft kit 77733-14K is a great upgrade for GM 4L60-E, 4L65-E high performance and heavy-duty applications.
The shaft is made of specially heat-treated steel with very hard outer layers and a more ductile inner core for strength and resistance to fracture.
Feed holes are chamfered to reduce stress and the shaft is further processed by shot peening and deep cryogenic treatment.

The high-strength 300mm non-reluctor style input shaft and OE housing comes with a reinforcement sleeve installed
on the housing to strengthen the aluminum splines, which are otherwise prone to cracking.
This kit includes a custom-manufactured overrun piston that is designed to be used only with a stamped steel forward piston,
eliminating the need to use OE cast forward piston or aftermarket billet forward piston.

Our Part #     S-77733-14K
Sonnax Part # 77733-14K

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