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4F27E Shift Solenoid A or B

Mfg Retail: $35.79
Cost From Us: $20.88
You Save: $14.91
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Our Part #: 48421A
Manufacturer: Electrical Advantage
Mfg Part # : XS4Z-7H148AA
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4F27-E Transmission Shift Solenoid
Requires Two (2) Shift Solenoids Per Model A & B Which Are Identical

Purchase Of The Item In This Listing Is For One (1) Pc A or B Shift
Please Know We Do Offer These In A Two Piece Kit W
ith Filter Package, See Our Part # 48421AK

This is for one (1) shift solenoid; please note these models contain two of these.
If you Are repairing the unit we , and don't know which one you need.
It may be a good idea to replace both while you have the pan off.

These Transmissions May Also Be Called Any Of These : FN4A-EL / FN4-AEL / FN-4AEL

Ford: Focus

Mazda: Protege, 3, 5, 6, And CX-7

  Does Fit Other Models Not Yet Listed Also

Critical Tech Tip For Mazda Owners

Be Careful When Trying To Get The Correct Parts From A Check Engine Code Coming Up On Mazda Applications.
Fords Do Not Have The Below Problem With Tech Data Online.

Covering Confusion On The Internet About Solenoid Names & Terms :

The Mazda Service Manuals Are Published With Wrong Info
To be clear theres a bit of information out there from the oem dealer mazda service manuals.
They Are Stated And Printed Incorrectly !  They Do Know Of The Issue Also.
The two smallest solenoids that are identical 100% without a doubt the shift solenoids a & b.
The Mazda manual in spots calls the a & b the larger solenoids, this is entirely false.
We've made an effort to reach Mazda about there incorrect information, and it's too late to change or modify.
Additionally they won't publish a retraction that we can find, but for certain it's incorrect.
For clarification the Three (3) Larger Solenoids Are ALL Called Pwm Solenoids, And/Or Solenoid C, D, and E.

The Below Diagram Is Accurate & What The Transmission Industry Uses As A Reference:

Thanks To ATSG For Use Of Their Diagram & Information !

If You Need A Pwm Solenoid See Our Part # 48421; If You Need The Solo Solenoid It's Called The Epc.
EPC Is Electronics Pressure Control / So It Regulates The Majority Of Fluid Pressures Throughout The Unit.
Pwm is related to how they function; Pulse Width Modulation. In Short They Open And Close Hundreds Of Times A Minute.

We Know These Units Top To Bottom & Are Here To Help !

Our Part # 48421A
Industry Part # D46950
Ford Part # XS4Z-7H148AA

We Would Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve Your Automatic Transmission Parts Needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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