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48RE Overdrive Rebuilt 4WD

Mfg Retail: $995.00
Cost From Us: $786.88
You Save: $208.12
OUT OF STOCK - Email Us Please
Our Part #: 22770GAU-R
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
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48RE Overdrive Housing 4WD With Used Housing
High Quality Rebuilt Complete Overdrive Section

Limited Stock Availability - Email Us To Confirm In Stock Prior To Ordering
* Allow One Week or Less Build Time Currently High Demand Item - Limited Supply On Housings *

This Fits All 48-RE Automatic Transmissions With 4 Wheel Drive
This Is Just the Rear Section Of The Transmission Commonly Called The Extension Housing Also.

This is our most common selling overdrive section !

Rebuilt and Remanufactured are much different descriptions - Do You Know The Difference ?

Most consumers don't understand outside of the automotive industry.
Remanufactured has a set list of parts that will be replaced during the build process even if they are good.
Rebuilt is going through an item and replacing only worn out , or damaged parts.
Both are obviously better than used , but there is clear concise differences between them.

Specific Items That Go Into These Units

Reconditioned 4WD Housing - Carefully Inspected : Shimed Roller If Needed
6 Pinion Overdrive Planet - Rebuilt As Needed
Overdrive Thrust Plate and Bearing - New
Overdrive Direct Clutch Plates - Exedy High Energy
Overdrive Brake Clutch Plates - Exedy High Energy
Overdrive Direct Snap Ring - New
Gasket - Housing To Main Case - New
Speed Sensor, Output - New
( not installed for shipping protection )

Of course the other internal misc seals and gaskets always new.

These Units Arrive Aligned , Lubricated and Ready To Go

Some Insight To Our Process:
Parts are all cleaned , visually inspected , and then re-assembled.
These are always stacked to the highest capacity of clutch plates possible.

Step by Step Procedures are followed to ensure a more than reliable Unit.

It is now becoming more frequent for these to be broken from a variety of issues.
If slammed into park the pawl pivot point can crack or fracture inside the housing.
The transfer cases on these are very heavy , which causes strain and load burden on the top of the housing. 
This strain will eventually cause cracking , and / or fracture the entire top of the casting.
These can also wear out internally at the roller bearing race hold point ;
end play run out will grow overtime this thrust can even in severe units cause some minor howling noises.

These are assembled with high energy frictions made by Exedy as well as other clutch capacity upgrades.
Theses high energy clutches allow for maximum heat dissipation and optimal holding strength.
In addition to the upgraded clutch capacity theses units are assembled with six pinion steel heavy duty planets.

These Are Normally In Stock Ready To Ship , But At Times They Can Have a 2-3 Day Delay Due To Order Back Log.

Please Feel Free to Request any Soft Parts , or Hard Parts You Need - We Stock Everything Possible For These Models !

Overview Video About Our Units

Back End Bonus After Your Installation

We do offer a bounty for your old unit to be shipped back to us also.
The value of the units will vary depending on the damage , it starts at $200 and goes down from them.
A typical broken housing unit which is the most common normally checks in at $100.00.
We can also send you the return label and deduct it's cost from your core check in.
* If interest in this program please inquire , and we'll provide all the details *

We try to be flexible and offer the support and products our customers need.

Our Part #  22770GAU-R
Mopar Ref # 44577
Casting # 01904 / 44577

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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