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48RE Neutral Switch

Mfg Retail: $48.49
Cost From Us: $43.88
You Save: $4.61
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Our Part #: 12410D
Manufacturer: Aftermarket New
Mfg Part # : 56045489AC
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48RE Shift Mode Range Switch
This is the Push in Design

This Fits All 48RE Models

Other Names for this Part:
Range Switch
MLPS - Manual Lever Position Switch
Neutral Switch
Neutral Safety Switch
Park / Neutral Switch
Shift Position Switch
Transmission Range Sensor

One of the easier items to replace on a transmission.
This mounts to the outside of the transmission case with two torx bolts.
The plastic housing can get cracked by driving offroad , or getting struck by an object.
Also Moisture over time will cause this to malfunction.
Additional as it is a switch and it is often cycled through the motions it does just plain wear out.

Tech Tip
This Switch is under a fair amount of tension from the plunger.
When reinserting be sure to install in a smooth motion.
This applies from a small plastic arm on the detent lever.

Our Part #  12410D
Industry Part # DK2627E
Mopar Part # 56045489AC
We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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