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RE Direct Drum 5 Clutch New

Mfg Retail: $323.89
Cost From Us: $249.00
You Save: $74.89
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Our Part #: 22555GA
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
Mfg Part # : 52854149
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48RE Direct Clutch Drum
Fits ALL RH & RE Gas & Diesel Truck Applications With Wide Bushing To Stator

Very Limited Supply Within USA Markets

Holds Five (5) Frictions With Original 48RE Stock Piston & Related Items

Fits All The Below Truck Automatic Transmissions From 1971 To 2007

A727 / TF8 / TF-8 / Torque Flight Eight / Torq Flite 8 - ALL
A518 / A-518 / 46RH / 518 / 46-RH / 46RE / 46-RE - 5.2L & 5.9L Gas
A618 / 47RH / 47RE / A-618 / 618 / 47-RH / 47-RE / 618 - V10 Gas & 5.9L Diesel
48RE / 48-RE - ALL Dodge Cummins Diesel 2003 To 2007

Possible Names & Terms For This Product :

Front Clutch Drum
Flex Band or Front Band Drum
First Drum Behind The Pump

Intermediate Clutch Drum
Front Clutch Cylinder

These drums our well known for numerous points of failuire.
Additionally as these are now much easier to come by, they're a fantastic upgrade for heavy abuse trucks.
The most common problem on these is the band surface can become damaged due to band failure.
This happens due to a lack of fluid or fluid pressure loss.
Very typical this may get as bad as striping the band lining off and running mertal to metal.

Another problem area is the bore of the drum where it rides on the pump stator support.
This is were the normal metal sealing rings cut the land points into the drum resulting in pressure loss or bleed off.
Over time the sealing rings can cut into the surface of the bore resulting in a partial applied or fully unapplied brake drum.

This is an extremely common spot to have wear, light witness marks is a sign of normal wear.
However, if your finger nail catches the mark at all, then the drum will need replacing.
If you do not replace the drum, then this may result in even more problems than we have described.
This fluid pressure loss will lead to burnt clutches and bands, as well as slippage when engaged.

Tech Tip:
* Beware Of Used Drums Modified For 5 Clutches *
* Customers Reporting Problems With Machined or Reman Drums *
-- Specifically Top Pressure Plate Hang Up or Mis-Machined Drums --

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Our Part #       22555GA
Mopar Part #   52854149AA / 52854149AB

We Would Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve Your Transmission Parts Needs ! ! !

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