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46RH / 46RE Rear Planet 6 Pinion HD

Mfg Retail: $209.95
Cost From Us: $163.88
You Save: $46.07
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Our Part #: 22584G-HD
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
Mfg Part # : 2801061
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A518 Rear Planet 6 Pinion Steel - Extreme Duty
For the Most Abused Demanding Trucks Out There !
Cascade Exclusive Item - Specially Machined For Fit Into These Models

With Our Modification To This It Will Fit All The Below Transmissions

A518 / A-518 / 518 / 46RH / 46-RH / 46RE / 46-RE

Now replace your aluminum factory planet with this heavy duty replacement.
With some minor precision machining this 48RE planet can now drop right into these rebuilds.

Other Industry Names For This Planet

Rear Planetary
Rear Planet

Low Reverse Carrier
Reaction Planet
Low Planet

Compliments of Upgrading This Planetary:

Beside the most obvious benefits of replacing aluminum with this steel version;
customer input has gone as far to state they notice dramitcally less vibration in the drivetrain.
Additionally a very minor improvement to fuel mileage, not so much that that's a concern for these truck owners.

We do also offer the extreme duty sunshell which is a 48RE Sunshell we have also machined down for Clearance.
Additionally we stock 6 pinion steel front planet, and 6 pinion overdrive planet to beef up the entire system.
This combination can dramatically reduce vibration and slightly improve your fuel economy.

Technical Tip:
When Installing You Will Still Use Your Original Flat Washer From Planet To Ring Gear ( Has Internal Splines )
To Install You Will Also Need A Thrust Washer Rear Planet To Sunshell Our Part # 22238G

* You will not need the above if you are ordering a 48RE washer kit or the sonnax high performance washer *

Be sure to add assemblee goo to the pinion gears and splines when installing.
Some industry builders even go as far to dip the entire planets into fresh atf during assembly also.
We find the best for use is our part # LG19250 which is lubegard green goo.

Photo Is Actual Item We Will Ship Upon Purchase

Choose Cascade For All Your High Performance Automatic Transmission Parts Solutions !

Our Part #  22584GA
Industry Part #               22753F
Oem Reference Part #'s:  52854140 / 52854140AA

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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