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46RH / 46RE Forward Sun Gear Recon

Mfg Retail: $37.85
Cost From Us: $28.00
You Save: $9.85
In Stock
Our Part #: 22612-R
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
Mfg Part # : 2801311
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46RH / 46RE  Forward Sun Gear
Quality Reconditioned - Closely Inspected

As We Sell These They Are Double Checked Again For Perfection On Hard Facing
These Are Cleared On A Simple Pass Or Fail System, Anything Borderline Good We Normally Pitch Into Scrap

Bushings Normally Not Replaced Unless Severely Needed
They Are Typically Very Good, But As With All Bushings They Are Wear Items

This Fits ALL Below Automatic Transmission Applications

A518 / 518 / A-518 / 46-RE / 46-RH / A 518 / 46 RH

This Gear Drives both the Front Planet , and Rear Planet
This mounts into the Sunshell with small lock rings on both sides

Upon Dis-Assembly & During rebuild
many of these Gears will show hard face gear pitting , and uneven wear.
These wear patterns are noticeable in about 75% of these rebuilds.
This wear can be difficult to spot , we find natural outdoor lighting is best for inspecting the gear face.

All of our used parts are thoroughly inspected by parts proffesionals to insure a Quality product.

Additionally this gear is processed in a ceramic media.
This polishes the bushings and takes out any minor imperfections on the gear.

We Will Be Offering These & Other Items In Our Premium Line With New Seamless Bushings Pre-Installed
If You're Seeking Any Parts
With Dura-Bond Bushings Pre-Installed Feel Free To Email Us Anytime

Our Part # 22612-R
Industry Part # 2801311

We Would Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve Your Transmission Parts Needs ! ! !

Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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