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42RE / 44RE Overdrive Direct Drum 2 ID

Mfg Retail: $52.99
Cost From Us: $44.50
You Save: $8.49
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Our Part #: 22551C-U
Manufacturer: CTP Assembled Package
Mfg Part # : 4461089
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42RE / 44RE Overdrive Direct Drum 2 ID
High Capacity, Closely Inspected, 2 ID Groove Drum

This Fits All A500 / 42RE / 42RH / 44RE Automatic Transmission Applications

These Drums have problems with witness marks on the Grooves inside the drum.
This happens over time when the Lugs of the Steel Plates ride inside the grooves of the Drum.

Light Witness Marks are Okay but if your Finger Nail Catches on the Mark then the Drum Will Need Replacing.
Even if it Appears that the Witness Marks are Not Bad but Your Finger Nail Still Catches, It can be an Early Warning Sign of Failure.

There are 2 ID Groove Drums and No ID Groove Drums.
No ID Groove Drums hold 6 Clutches were the 2 ID Groove Drum Holds 8 Clutches.

48RE Applications use 10 Clutches in a 2 ID Groove Style Drum due to the Thin Overdrive Direct Pressure Plate.

It is Recommended that you update your No ID Groove Drum with a 2 ID Groove Drum.
This is Especially Nessasary if the Vehicle is being used for Towing or Heavy Duty Applications.
The Extra Clutches Give the Drum more Holding Strength Under Heavy Load Situations.

Our Part #       22551C-U
Other Part #    4461089

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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