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42RE / 44RE OD Brake Pressure Plate .215"

Mfg Retail: $19.89
Cost From Us: $12.00
You Save: $7.89
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Our Part #: 12141-R
Manufacturer: Cascade Product
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42RE / 44RE Overdrive Brake Pressure Plate
Most RH Models This Updates To Add a Clutch - This Is .215" Thick

May Also Be Called A Backing Plate

This pressure plate often gets damaged or warped when its exsposed to excessive heat.
This happens when the Overdrive Brake clutch pack fails and gets too hot.
This can happen due to lack of fluid, or towing apllications, as well as other circumstances.

One way you can prevent Overdrive Brake clutch failure is to upgrade your clutch capacity.
Most "RE" models have a thick pressure plate that holds less clutches than the thinner .215" thick plate.
If you have the thick pressure plate then it is recommended that you upgrade to the .215" thick plate.
By upgrading to the thinner pressure plate you can add one additional clutch.
By adding the extra clutch you get more holding strength and greater heat dissipation.

We Process all our steels and pressure plates in a special ceramic media tumbler.
This process gives the pressure plate a nice Matte finish and gives the clutches a good surface to grab.

Our Part #       12141-R

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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