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01M Internal Wire Harness

Mfg Retail: $109.79
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Our Part #: 75446R
Manufacturer: Rostra
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Internal Wire Harness
Made By Rostra
Fits all Volkswagon & Audi Front Wheel Drive Transmissions 095 , 096 , 01M
(see exact applications below)

This has a couple names:

Printed Circuit / Ribbon / Harness
Please notice the factory ribbon that connect's all of the solenoids to one another.
This is very likely brittle , and often gets torn when working on these transmissions.
It is common just handling these valve bodies the harness will break or crack.
Much of the time the harness will have a short that is unable to locate.
The Design Engineered by Rostra has been designed with wire rather than the printed ribbon.
Many Profesional Transmission rebuilders prefer this type over the Oem style.
Models This will fit:

BEETLE       98-03    4 SP FWD    L4 1.8/2.0L 1.9L DIESEL    01M     
BEETLE       04         4 SP FWD    L4 1.8L/2.0L                         01M
CABRIO      95-01    4 SP FWD    L4 2.0L                                 01M
GOLF          95-03    4 SP FWD    L4 1.8/2.0L 1.9L DIESEL    01M     
GOLF          04-06    4 SP FWD    L4 2.0L                                 01M
GTI              99-01    4 SP FWD    L4 1.8L V6 2.8L                   01M
JETTA         95-01    4 SP FWD    L4 1.8/1.9/2.0L V6 2.8L       01M     
JETTA         02-03    4 SP FWD    L4 2.0L/1.9L DIESEL          01M
JETTA/JETTA WAGON    04-05    4 SP FWD    L4 2.0L         01M
PASSAT    95-97    4 SP FWD    L4 2.0L V6 2.8L                    01M

This will also fit other models not yet listed.

Our Part # 75446R
VW Part # 01M-927-365 (Reference)

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