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4L60E Neutral Safety Switch 1995-2003

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Our Number: 74410A
Manufacturer: Electrical Advantage
Mfg Part # : 24229422
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4L60E Transmission Manual Lever Position Switch 
Contains One Four (4) Pin Connector & One Seven (7) Pin Connector

Other Names For This Component Part :

Shift Range Switch
Manual Lever Position Switch ( MLPS )
 Park / Reverse / Neutral / Drive / Low ( PRNDL )
Neutral Switch
Neutral Safety Switch ( NSS )
Shift Position Switch
Back Up Lamp Switch / Reverse Light
Shift Shaft Actuator Switch

Insight To How These Fail And/Or Become Broken

These Are Exposed Fairly Low On The Outside Of The Transmission Case.
One of the easier items to replace on a transmission.
This mounts to the outside of the transmission case with two bolts.
There is a nut , and lock washer on the end of the manual shaft as well.
The plastic housing can get cracked by driving offroad (from limb , or branch hitting it).
Also moisture over time can cause this to malfunction.
Additional as it is a switch and it is often cycled through the motions it does just plain wear out.
If Needed We Also Stock The Wiring Harness Pigtail Repair Kit For This Switch See Our Part # 74445GK
If you have a single connection plug on yours then please see our part # 74410B Switch.
Our Part #  74410A
Industry Part # 77947 / D77947
Other Part#      A74410A

GM Part # 24229422
AC Delco Part # D2263C
We Would Appreciate The Opportunity To Serve Your Transmission Parts Needs ! ! !
Cascade Transmission Parts , Inc.
All Rights Reserved ®

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