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09G / TF60SN Oil Cooler

Retail: $89.95
Our Price: $41.88
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Our Number: 15998
Manufacturer: Aftermarket New
Mfg Part # : 09G406061
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09G / TF60SN Transmission Oil Cooler
Bell Housing Mounted Cansiter - Some Models

For 6 Speed Front Wheel Drive Automatic Transmissions

As these models are now begining to have some miles on them ;
this cooler canister really should be replaced about every 80,000 miles or
so to extend overall transmission lifespan.

Please Note
Some Models In The Above Family DO NOT Contain a Case Mounted Cooler

It simply takes a visual glance to confirm as this is mounted right up on top of the bell housing.

Found On Most Of the Below Automatic Models
VW Beetle 2005 1.8-2.5L
Jetta 2005 1.9-2.5L
Passat 2006 2.0L & 3.6L
Touran 2003 1.6--2.0L

May Also Fit Other Models Not Listed Above

This is an item to very easily overlook.
When performing your maintenance please be sure to replace this every handful of years.
That is of course if you plan to keep your vehicle and want to avoid extreme transmission rebuild bills.

Our Part #   15998
Other Part # 35529
VW Part # 09G409061 / 09G 409 061 E
09G 409 061G / 09G-409-061G / 09G-409-061E / 09G-409-061
Reference Info: MK5 / MK6

We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your transmission parts needs ! ! !

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All Rights Reserved ®

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